Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Yes, there is a Star of David on the U.S. Dollar Bill!

Addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition today, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson told a story about how the Star of David came to be on the U.S. dollar bill.
Only one problem: There’s no Star of David on the dollar bill.

Carson was telling the story of wealthy Jewish merchant Haym Salomon, who is said to have been a major financier of George Washington’s troops during the Revolutionary War.
"Salomon gave all his funds to save the U.S. Army and, some say, no one knows for sure, that’s the reason there’s a Star of David on the back of the one dollar bill," Carson said in Washington, D.C.

There is a conspiracy theory that a design of stars arranged above the eagle on the U.S. seal printed on the bill forms a Jewish star and that this was done as a way to thank Salomon for his generosity.

But the Numismatic Bibliomania Society’s Wayne Homren says there’s no evidence to suggest any truth to support the theory that the stars were intentionally arranged to represent the Jewish star, let alone that it was done in Salomon’s name.

“If you squint, you can say there’s some resemblance but that certainly was not the intention of the designers, that we’re aware,” Homren told ABC News.

As it relates to Salomon specifically, Homren said, there is no mention of the Jewish merchant in the extensive collection of historical documents chronicling the design of the U.S. seal.
“All I know is there’s nothing any of us have discovered in the documentation that would support that,” he said.

“There are letters and other correspondence between members of Congress and people in the government about what the seal would look like and what it would contain,” Homren continued. “There are at least two thick books written about how the seal was created and nobody recognized anything about a Star of David.”

- Ben Carson Thinks There’s a Star of David on the Dollar Bill. There’s Not. By JORDYN PHELPS (LINK-…/ben-carson-thinks-star-david…/story…)

I don't think there's a Star of David on the Dollar Bill, I KNOW THERE IS. Observe-

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