Friday, 29 April 2016

Crescent and Star of David

Crescent and Star of David

This is an illustration which combines the Crescent and Star, symbolic of Islam, with the Star of David, a symbol of Judaism. This is meant to promote peace between the Jews and Muslims of the Middle East, as well as abroad.

Monday, 11 April 2016

The Double Pyramid Star of David Quotes

In geometry, the three-sided pyramid is known as the Tetrahedron. When two Tetrahedrons are merged together, they form a Star Tetrahedron.  When seen two-dimensionally, it is a hexagram, or Star of David.
Three-dimensionally, the Star of David is the Merkaba, which is the Light-body. 

- Star Tetrahedron, the Star of David, Hidden Lighthouse


In Ancient Egypt, two pyramids were joined in a sacred geometric form called the Merkabah. The Merkabah is a three-dimensional Star of David.

- Sacred Mysteries of Egypt: An Astrological Interpretation, by Laurie A. Baum

The Star of David is a two-dimensional version of a merkaba.

- What is Your Merkaba, and How do You Activate It,

Two four sided pyramids driven together, turned and locked creates the very powerful Star of David and can be used to create metaphysical magic

- Amanda Jeffs,, Pinterest

The design for the Magan shield - as we see it today on the flag of Israel - is undoubtedly formed from two pyramids superimposed upon one another (one of them inverted)...One of the prime symbols of the Judaeo-Israelite religion is the double pyramid.

 - Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt: The capital city of the United Monarchy was Tanis, By Ralph Ellis, Google Books

Sunday, 10 April 2016

A Star of David transforming into a Pentagram

Here’s the logo for AIPAC’s policy conference that starts today. Notice, no Jewish symbol in the graphic for AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee). But a morphing Star of David that becomes the 5-pointed star from a Christmas tree. And “excitement,” that sounds a bit rapturous, doesn’t it? Like a revival tent?

If AIPAC is losing liberal Democrats to J Street, this won’t help. A lot of the messaging is aimed at capturing Christians. Look at this one. The +-sign looks like a cross to me. So do some of the men’s ties.

- AIPAC reaches out to Christians with morphing Star of David, by Philip Weiss

A Star of David Wolf, Almost...

Almost a Star of David,, just need to push them together a little more...

Two four sided pyramids driven together, turned and locked creates the very powerful Star of David and can be used to create metaphysical magic

- Amanda Jeffs,, Pinterest

The Star of David's Two Pyramids II

In Ancient Egypt, two pyramids were joined in a sacred geometric form called the Merkabah. The Merkabah is a three-dimensional Star of David.

- Sacred Mysteries of Egypt: An Astrological Interpretation, by Laurie A. Baum

The Star of David's Two Pyramids Compared to a Cube

The city is laid out as a square: The New Jerusalem's length, height and width are equal. This means that it is either a cube or a pyramid.

As Above, So Below

The Star of David’s Eyes of the Pyramid

As Above, So Below etc.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Once again, the Star of David = 7

 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday = The Star of David

Many commentators have suggested that the message of the Star of David is linked to the number seven by way of its six points surrounding the center. The number seven, of course, is key to our understanding the world as a holy creation of God. The earth is the result of a divine plan, not an accidental Big Bang. The world represents the vision of a Creator who after completing it took the time to rest, to evaluate, and to proclaim it “very good” – fulfilling His expectations. In short, the world is holy, a place in which man and everything else created in the six days has the potential to revolve and evolve around its center, its core and its Creator.

The Sabbath, the seventh day every week, is a reminder of this concept. Every seventh year, too, is a sabbatical year in which the land is not to be worked, and after seven cycles of seven years the Jubilee year brings freedom to indentured slaves and the return of property to its original owners.

This emphasis on the number seven as a sign of the holy finds another illustration by way of the menorah in the ancient Temple. The menorah was comprised of seven oil lamps resting on three stems branching from each side of a central pole. Three on each of its sides turned towards the center, six in all directed towards the midpoint, the seventh.

It has been strongly suggested that the Star of David came to be used as a standard symbol in synagogues around the world precisely because its organization into 3+3+1 - triangle up, triangle down, and center - corresponds exactly to the menorah.
In the very heart of Rome, albeit in a house of worship dedicated to another faith, the Star of David persevered.

- The Star of David and the Mosque, by Rabbi Benjamin Blech,

Friday, 8 April 2016

A Book written for Church Youth Groups acknowledges Star of David as a Symbol for Jesus Christ

The Star of David is also a symbol for Jesus who was a descendant of King David. Stars (the Star of David or six-pointed star) are also considered symbols for Jesus who was described as 'the bright Morning Star.'

- Youth Spirit: Program Ideas for Church Groups, by Cheryl Perry, Google Books

The Star of David Pantomime

Following the success of Unity Christian Theatre's pantomime   'Happy Ever After' we invited you to join our hero David, shepherd boy and warrior extraordinaire as he battled against the  Philistines, beat up Goliath...and  plays a show-stopping rock guitar  solo! The  Star of David was a show of music, fun and laughter for all the  family!!

- The Star of David Pantomime,

The Double Pyramid Star of David

“As above, So below”. This phrase represents several meanings but one is a double triangle which is a symbolic gesture of the sons of GOD mating with the daughters of men.

Example: We are told the holy structures of the earth are duplicated from the heavens; “who serve the copy and shadow of the heavenly things, as Moses was divinely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle. For He said, ‘See that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.’” (Hebrews 8:5)

Then we have the Star of David-Not only does this symbol duplicate the Star of David, although manipulated, it’s significance also corresponds astrologically.

- DOUBLE PYRAMID, Pyramid Power, Mystery of the Iniquity at Wordpress,

A Terrific Christian Defense of the Star of David on YouTube VIdeo

Here is a must see YouTube video created by a non-Jewish Christian that staunchly defends the Star of David as a Holy Symbol of Jesus Christ. Here it is below-

Harmless and Fun Numerological Nonsense about the Star of David

Now note that the capstone over the pyramid, when lowered into place, becomes the 14th level of the structure. The number 14, as we shall see, is a major component of the prophecy.

Over the eagle on the reverse side of the Great Seal are 13 stars, each having five points. The astute observer however will note the 13 stars are arranged to form a 14th star, a six pointed star known as the Star of David.

The reader of this document will see, beyond dispute by anyone whose ability for rational thought has not been destroyed by political, religious, or other dogma, an incredibly precise prophecy, encoded in the Great Seal, in the Great Pyramid, and in the hidden structure of the K.J.V. Bible. The prophecy is of a man named David, to be conceived on the 25th of January, 1938, and to be born precisely 280 days later (the human gestation period), on the 2nd of November, 1938, the 11th day of Scorpio.

This man was to become famous world wide for political and religious doctrines known as 14 Words and 88 Precepts. This man, named David (see again the 14th star, the Star of David over the eagle in the Great Seal), would come to oppose an ancient conspiracy against civilization and against civilization's creators...

The number of the Man is also found in his name as a number pyramid. The number pyramid of the word "David" runs forward and backward from a center point and demonstrates both 666 and his birth year, around the six pointed Star of David, along with 74, the first function of the 666 Sun Square...

741 +741 1482 The number 741 is the numerical value of the 14 Words of David Lane, 741 forms the Star of David in the magic square of the Sun. 741 twice, as shown above, totals 1482, the number of words in the completion of Solomon's Temple (I Kings 7), and the sum of the factors of 666...

That the future of civilization depends on 14 Words and 88 Precepts becomes more evident with each passing day. So let us conclude with one more look at the Great Seal of the United States. Around the stars over the eagle note 19 scrolls. Inside the scrolls are 24 trapezoids and 13 five pointed stars for a total of 37 geometric figures. The six pointed Star of David makes the 38th geometric figure inside the 19 scrolls!

-  Shadow Heart and Soul of the Black Rose,

Thursday, 7 April 2016

A Star of David as Big as Earth's Solar System? Only in Astrology...

Star of David Astrology-

It’s been roughly 2000 years since the fated biblical day when a mysterious star appeared in the sky. The same star that sparked one of the largest religious movements in the world. On Monday, July 29th, a similar spectacular stellar occurrence is happening. A giant, six-pointed star, also known as a Star of David is appearing in the sky in the form of a great planetary alignment.

That’s right, six planets are lining up at exact 60 degree angles to each other, around the Earth, forming a giant six pointed star. Apparently the last time such an formation happened was at the end of World War II. This too is sure to herald great change, of some kind.

The other speculation is the placement of these planets in regard to the zodiac itself – placing planets in signs of purely water and earth related signs. To those who would perceive the esoteric in all of this, one is encouraged to acknowledge the union between ‘heaven and earth’, the emotions and the physical and the masculine with the feminine...

The living reality behind the sacred geometry of the grand sextile is known by many names and descriptions around the world, depending upon one’s cultural vantage point and level of perception. These include: the vehicle of ascension; the vector equilibrium; the double torus; the Star of David; the yin/yang duality; the flower of life; the tree of life; the yab/yum; the hieros gamos; the sacred marriage of twin flames; the merkaba; the chariot of the gods; the chariot of fire; and the awakened soul, to name a few.

No matter your perspective, it cannot be denied that the planets do not align in such a way very often. A Star of David appears in the sky Monday, so if nothing else, watch out for personal transformations...This could be the moment you’ve been waiting for.

- Star of David Appears in the Sky added, by Stasia Bliss

A symmetrical planetary geometric pattern of 6 or more planets creating 2 interlocking Grand Trines and 6 Sextiles. Very rare and powerful. See Planetary Aspects and Geometry in Magi Astrology.

- Star of David,

Disturbed Rock band member Protests Pink Floyd’s Anti-Semitic Use of a Flying Pig marked with the Star of David

Here is an example of the anti-The Star of David in the Rock and Roll World of Today-

Pink Floyd great and solo artist Roger Waters has become the center of controversy this past week. Waters...used the Jewish Star of David as one of the symbols on the giant inflatable pig that hovers over ‘The Wall’ concerts, and that has many, including Device and Disturbed frontman David Draiman, feeling he’s taken things a step too far. Over the years, the flying pig has become a staple of Pink Floyd and Waters’ shows, serving as a symbol of greed, fascism and oppression.

Draiman, a half Israeli Jew, has penned a commentary on the manner and even decided to forego his traditional CAPS style entries to signify the importance of the message he wanted to deliver.

Draiman’s posting can be read in full below:

My brothers and sisters my blood,

(Regarding Roger Waters usage of a flying pig with the Star of David on it during his performances)

I have personally been a fan of Mr. Waters’ work for many years. I think that Pink Floyd are one of the most groundbreaking and visionary acts of all time. Mr. Waters’ position on the Palestinian/Israeli crisis is well known, and has been well publicized.

Whether or not you agree with the policies of the Israeli government...nothing excuses the usage of the Star of David (the symbol of the Jewish people as a whole, not Israel or its government) emblazoned on a flying pig/zeppelin during his performances for “The Wall”. It is uncalled for, abhorrent, and blatantly Anti-Semitic...

...I therefore urge all of my followers, friends, and colleagues, and certainly the Jewish people within the entertainment community to take issue with this Anti-Semitic symbolism, and to demand that the Star of David be stricken from the flying pig, and that a formal apology/explanation be given from Mr. Waters himself.

- David Draiman Addresses Roger Waters’ ‘Star of David’ Usage
By Chad Childers (

A Salvaged Star of David at the NY Sanitation Department’s East Harlem Warehouse

A Timeline Of Trash Lives On In The Sanitation Department’s East Harlem Warehouse:

From the outside the building looks like a warehouse. It’s owned by New York’s Sanitation Department in East Harlem. On the second floor decades of trash come to life; from a Furbie graveyard to Pez dispensers and Troll dolls. There are also typewriters, art, political memorabilia, and other odds and ends in the collection that has been Nelson Molina’s passion project.

For him collecting items from the trash began at age 9...Molina said he’s never surprised by what people throw out.

"The actual star of David is made from the steel from one of the World Trade Centers," he said. Molina isn’t quite sure what the value of all the items is.

"It’s worth a lot of money. I know it is, but I just wouldn’t know," he said. Because one man’s trash is Molina’s treasure.

- A Timeline Of Trash Lives On In The Sanitation Department’s East Harlem Warehouse, CBS News,


Wednesday, 6 April 2016

New Age Star of David

I invite you again to open your Belly Center to Presence, your Head Center to Wisdom and Vision, your Heart Center to Compassion, Healing Presence, Innate Harmony, Unconditional, Love...As you are doing this, I also invite you to take the Sacred Geometry of the Star of David into your being. Allow it to expand into a three-dimensional geometric which you might experience/imagine as interlocking pyramids. Begin to sense these pyramids spinning.

- The Star of David and the Enneagram, Andrew H. Hahn 

Star of David Book Quote

The Star of David is also a symbol for Jesus who was a descendant of King David. Stars (the Star of David or six-pointed star) are also considered symbols for Jesus who was described as 'the bright Morning Star.'

- Youth Spirit: Program Ideas for Church Groups, by Cheryl Perry, Google Books

The Star of David Origins of Kabbalah's Tree of Life

As we said, we don’t know if this was the exact process undertaken, but since the final result is a perfect replication of the Lurianic Tree, it’s hard to imagine arriving at this result without using a hexagon and an inscribed Star of David in some fashion similar to what we’ve done above. Additionally, there is a way to cut a cube in half so that the cross-section is a hexagon instead of a square, and this construction allows us to fully embed the tree within the cube, as is suggested by one of our above passages from the Bahir. The result is a truly beautiful diagram that combines the imagery of the Tree of Life with its predecessor model the Cube of Space. What follows are some images of this construction as seen from a variety of vantage points. Also, notice how appropriate it is that the center of the tree corresponds precisely with the center of the cube. Furthermore,this construction requires 49 lines (12 edges of the cube, 3 spatial axes, 6 sides of a hexagon, 6 for the Star of David, and 32 for the paths of the Tree of Life), and coincidentally this number is exactly the number of Hebrew letters in that declaration of faith known as the Shema.

- Sefer Yetzirah, the Cube of Space, and the Emergence of
the Tree of Life, by Christopher P. Benton,

Yes, there is a Star of David on the U.S. Dollar Bill!

Addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition today, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson told a story about how the Star of David came to be on the U.S. dollar bill.
Only one problem: There’s no Star of David on the dollar bill.

Carson was telling the story of wealthy Jewish merchant Haym Salomon, who is said to have been a major financier of George Washington’s troops during the Revolutionary War.
"Salomon gave all his funds to save the U.S. Army and, some say, no one knows for sure, that’s the reason there’s a Star of David on the back of the one dollar bill," Carson said in Washington, D.C.

There is a conspiracy theory that a design of stars arranged above the eagle on the U.S. seal printed on the bill forms a Jewish star and that this was done as a way to thank Salomon for his generosity.

But the Numismatic Bibliomania Society’s Wayne Homren says there’s no evidence to suggest any truth to support the theory that the stars were intentionally arranged to represent the Jewish star, let alone that it was done in Salomon’s name.

“If you squint, you can say there’s some resemblance but that certainly was not the intention of the designers, that we’re aware,” Homren told ABC News.

As it relates to Salomon specifically, Homren said, there is no mention of the Jewish merchant in the extensive collection of historical documents chronicling the design of the U.S. seal.
“All I know is there’s nothing any of us have discovered in the documentation that would support that,” he said.

“There are letters and other correspondence between members of Congress and people in the government about what the seal would look like and what it would contain,” Homren continued. “There are at least two thick books written about how the seal was created and nobody recognized anything about a Star of David.”

- Ben Carson Thinks There’s a Star of David on the Dollar Bill. There’s Not. By JORDYN PHELPS (LINK-…/ben-carson-thinks-star-david…/story…)

I don't think there's a Star of David on the Dollar Bill, I KNOW THERE IS. Observe-

Fire + Water = Star of David

In Palestine there was a parallel theoretical development that showed a similar concern with the opposing qualities of fire and water and so with the possible employment of the Hexagram to symbolize their union.

- The Universal Kabbalah, by Leonora Leet

One feature of this ancient science that appears to have surfaced alike in the teachings of Maria Hebraea and the Sefer Yetzirah is a peculiar joint definition of a fire above and water below, which in the later alchemical tradition was identified with the figure of the hexagram and given a Hebrew origin in the names by which it was known, Solomon's Seal and the Shield of David.

- The Universal Kabbalah, by Leonora Leet (,+by+Leonora+Leet)

Friday, 1 April 2016

Star of David Boxing Shorts, 1933

But if I could choose one fight that Baer, whose father was Jewish, could be remembered for, it would be–and you may call me biased–his defeat of the German Max Schmeling in 1933. Schmeling squared off against Baer in a highly touted fight at Yankee Stadium just months after Hitler assumed power in 1933. Schmeling wasn’t a Nazi and was said to have a Jewish manager, but it wasn’t lost on Baer that Schmeling was said to be Hitler’s favorite boxer...Baer, despite not being religiously Jewish and tending not to be claimed by Jews, donned trunks that were emblazoned with the Star of David.