Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Few Star of David Crop Circles and Quotes

We've been traveling far
Without a home
But not without a Star.

- America, by Neil Diamond (1980)

The biggest, the most prolific and the most complex crop circle pictograms have been Stars of David formations, an appropriate modern symbol for Christ.

- Crop Circles Fact or Fiction, by Neil Olsen, CropCirclesDeciphered.com

Crop circle researcher Colin Andrews has told CNI News of some unusual, and previously unreported, crop circle activity in India. According to Andrews, a high ranking scientist from India...told Andrews that he had first become interested in the subject when he investigated a huge "Star of David" formation in a wheat field in India during 1987. The scientist said the six-pointed star was 500 meters across and was set inside an equilateral triangle, suggesting that it would rank among the larger and more elaborate formations seen in England.


The Star of David or Magen David (Hebrew: מגן דוד; literally, "David's Shield")...has been used extensively in Judaism, Christianity and Islam during the first millenium CE. During some periods, it was associated with Christianity or Islam more than with Judaism.

-  Star of David, Judaism Wiki, Judaism.wikia.com

Hexagram - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hexagram - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 Encyclopedia of Freemasonry
The hexagram, one of the world's most ancient symbols, is featured within and on the outside of many Masonic temples as a decoration. It may have been found within the structures of King Solomon's temple, from which Freemasons are inspired in their philosophies and studies. Like many other symbols in Freemasonry, the deciphering of the hexagram is non-dogmatic and left to the interpretation of the individual.

- Hexagram, Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexagram)

Monday, 28 January 2013

The Catholic Church believes the Star of David is the 3,000 year old Emblem of King David

This is from a website owned and managed by the Roman Catholic Church, so what it says online is indeed a clear reflection of mainstream Catholic beliefs and doctrine. Thus, those Catholics who disagree, do indeed protest like Protestants. They do indeed protest against the Truth that is Roman Catholic, a Truth that is eternal...