Monday, 11 April 2016

The Double Pyramid Star of David Quotes

In geometry, the three-sided pyramid is known as the Tetrahedron. When two Tetrahedrons are merged together, they form a Star Tetrahedron.  When seen two-dimensionally, it is a hexagram, or Star of David.
Three-dimensionally, the Star of David is the Merkaba, which is the Light-body. 

- Star Tetrahedron, the Star of David, Hidden Lighthouse


In Ancient Egypt, two pyramids were joined in a sacred geometric form called the Merkabah. The Merkabah is a three-dimensional Star of David.

- Sacred Mysteries of Egypt: An Astrological Interpretation, by Laurie A. Baum

The Star of David is a two-dimensional version of a merkaba.

- What is Your Merkaba, and How do You Activate It,

Two four sided pyramids driven together, turned and locked creates the very powerful Star of David and can be used to create metaphysical magic

- Amanda Jeffs,, Pinterest

The design for the Magan shield - as we see it today on the flag of Israel - is undoubtedly formed from two pyramids superimposed upon one another (one of them inverted)...One of the prime symbols of the Judaeo-Israelite religion is the double pyramid.

 - Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt: The capital city of the United Monarchy was Tanis, By Ralph Ellis, Google Books

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