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Dreamhill Research- Star of Creation, etc.

Structure of quartz
In the most ancient occult writings such as the Stanzas of Dyzan, in regards to the structure of the “web of life” it describes a hexagonal six sided matrix with the central point within each hexagon being the unmanifest creative point of spirit balanced between the male and female triads. This description is akin to the structure of quartz and is revealed in the piezoelectric effect of the displacement of the polarity charge centers. Pythagoras called the 6 pointed star with the dot in the center the “Star of Creation”.

( Pythagorean “Star of Creation” the creative point in center)

hexagrampiezobalanced (1)

The hexagonal structure of quartz is made up of positive and negative charge triads in which the charge centers in the middle of the opposite triads of equal positive and negative charges that cancel each other out leaving the charge centers neutral. When the physical crystal structure is stressed by pressure which off sets the triads slightly causing the balanced charge centers to be displaced causing a polarization. The trillions of displaced charge centers cause a large voltage potential to appear across the crystal. This is the fundamental used to have the crystal act as a transducer of vibrations. Conversely a voltage excitation will cause the crystal to oscillate at it’s cut frequency and is used throughout the world of electronics as a stable source of frequency generation.

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