Saturday, 21 May 2016

Seal of Solomon - TRUTH PERFECTED

Also known as the Star of David or the Magen David, the Seal of Solomon is a hexagon, a symbol whose outward simplicity hides a complex and layered inner meaning. There are several different versions of the Seal of Solomon, but in its most basic form it consists of two interlocking equilateral triangles, forming a six-pointed star.

The easiest way to understand many symbols is simply to look closely at its component parts and see what they appear to be. the upward-pointing triangle looks like a flame, and this is exactly what it represents.  In its most basic form, this triangle is the elemental symbol for fire. he Western tradition, the Eastern tradition, the Kabbalah, Alchemy  all are agreed. there is also agreement about the other triangle that balances on its point; it represents water.

Fire is the male element, and water is female. the inverted triangle is also the symbolic representation if the yoni. In India  the hexagram is called the Shatkoona and represents the energies of Shiva and Kali locked in constant embrace.

Seal of Solomon - TRUTH PERFECTED

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