Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Star and Stripes of David / A 19th century American Flag with Similarities to the Great Seal of the United States


A late 19th Hand-Made American Flag with 13 Six-Pointed Stars forming an Even Larger Six-pointed Star of David











Six pointed stars on American Flags are a very rare trait, shared only by a handful of known examples.  The same can be said of flags with cantons arranged in a six-pointed great star configuration.  This configuration of stars on a flag of pieced and sewn construction is known on less than four or five surviving flags. The pattern is very similar to the star pattern seen on the official Great Seal of the United States.  The first die of the Great Seal, cast from brass in 1792, featured a "glory" of six pointed stars arranged to form a single six pointed star.  Although the "glory" on the Great Seal is oriented to with a single star at the top, the "glory" pattern on this flag is rotated 90 degrees.  

- American National Flag, 13 Stars, Six-pointed Stars, (









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  1. this flag, of 1776, was to honor Haym Salomon for his financial support in the American Revolution. Washington's troops were about to surrender to England. The troops had not been paid, it was cold and they had no shoes and no food and Washington was begging for money, he needed $300,000, but Congress had none. Haym was the head of finance so he went to his Synagogue to beg for money and the Jews loaded him down with it, Haym gave the most out of his own pocket, and the war was won. Congress tried to repay Haym and he would not accept the money, all he asked for was for his people to be remembered. So this flag and seal was created to honor the Jews that save this country.